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  1. Camera: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/320th
  4. Focal Length: 37mm
Diego Arnary by Salvador Pozo

Diego Arnary by Salvador Pozo

Diego Arnary by Myoc

Review: Red Dirt Heart 2 by N.R. Walker


Title: Red Dirt Heart 2

Author: N.R. Walker

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 250 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Up until Travis arrived on his doorstep, Charlie had lived a very solitary life. He had surrounded himself with isolation; a couple million acres of red dirt, scorching sun and loneliness.

Six months on, winter has settled over the desert, and Charlie has the life he…

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Review: Love and Punishment by Susan Mac Nicol


Title: Love and Punishment

Author: Susan Mac Nicol

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Pages/Word Count: 245 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars


Someone is leaving a trail of bodies throughout London, and Detective Anthony Parglietto is determined to end the violence. Then he’ll return to the man he loves.

Tough, street-savvy, and used to dealing with lowlifes, Flynn…

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Guest Post and Giveaway: Tidal Change by Chris T. Kat

Sex Underwater

5767496A big thank you to The Novel Approach for having me! I’m Chris T. Kat and Dreamspinner Press will publish my new release, Tidal Change, on September 17th. Tidal Change is a shape-shifter story but it also has fantasy/fairy tale elements because the main character, Marty, is a merman.

Given that Marty is a merman, but a shifter as well, he’s capable of having sex in his human form,…

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Review: Pearls in the Darkness by S.E. Connor


Title: Pearls in the Darkness

Author: S.E. Connor

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 39 Pages

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Blurb: Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. When Tanner goes on vacation to get away from school and work, he learns this the hard way. (more…)

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Review: November Rain by Daisy Harris


Title: November Rain

Author: Daisy Harris

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 140 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: A single bullet could take them both down.

Fire and Rain, Book 4

Detective Joe Klamath is used to guys falling on their backs at the arch of his commanding eyebrow. Yet he can’t seem to get a read on a cute, department-store sales guy. The vagrant who just walked in,…

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